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Assistance Repatriation
Overseas emergency situations can quickly become critical. Our Assistance / Repatriation solution has been designed to protect your employees and their families, regardless of their country of residence or host country in the event of temporary stays.

This service is above all aimed at ensuring that your mobile employees have peace of mind and to enable your company to better manage its costs.

Benefits suited to your needs

In addition to conventional Assistance / Repatriation benefits, we can offer you additional options suited to your employees’ needs:
  • Luggage insurance
  • Flight delays
  • Legal assistance, etc.

Destination-specific services

We pay special attention to high-risk countries by providing additional services specific to complex geopolitical situations:
  • assistance and crisis management
  • security audits
  • employee tracking

Effective management

In the event of an emergency, our teams’ coordination ensures rapid, efficient and customized assistance.


Our network of high-quality partners:

Our work with the main assistance companies on the market makes evacuations and access to treatment easier.

Assistance companies
  • Europ Assistance
  • Axa Assistance
  • International SOS
  • Medex

Contact our team of sales experts to find out more about our Assistance / Repatriation solutions.

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