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MSH INTERNATIONAL is a recognized expert in the management of international healthcare plans and employee benefits and has developed a third-party administration service designed for:

- international businesses and organizations with self-insured plans,
- insurance professionals wishing to outsource the management of their plans,
- local high-net-worth clients whose requirements are not met by the healthcare system.

Find out the main advantages of our TPA solutions:

Efficient management of your international healthcare insurance plans

  • Short reimbursement times
  • Reimbursements in more than 150 currencies
  • A dedicated claims team, available 24/7 across our four regional head offices in Calgary, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai
  • A multicultural team: more than 40 languages spoken and 60 nationalities
  • Direct pre-certification for all expensive treatment including hospitalization
    thanks to our broad worldwide network of healthcare professionals including more than 94,700 accredited providers and 880,000 providers accessed through our Third Party Network partnerships.
  • Reimbursements granted on the basis of scanned supporting documents
  • Cost control through the internal reference base of “reasonable and customary costs”, direct renegotiation of tariffs, the use of repricing networks in some countries and direct billing networks
  • Efficient synergies with assistance companies
  • Medical second opinions by more than 21 physicians at our 4 regional head offices
  • Widespread direct payments worldwide
  • Highly flexible processes based on a high-performance information system and guaranteed data confidentiality

Effective management

We make available a priority contact person to support you throughout the management of your international healthcare insurance plans.

In order to control the healthcare expenses of your international employees, we provide specific statistical analysis and reporting tools suited to your needs.

Additional services and tailor-made information tools

To inform you clearly and effectively, a wide range of information and communication tools are available:
  • Secure Employer and Participant pages with many on-line services enabling real-time monitoring of your international healthcare insurance plans.
  • A welcome package including the personalized MSH INTERNATIONAL insurance card facilitating formalities with healthcare professionals.
  • A practical information guide.

FOCUS: ISO 9001 certification

As part of its ISO 9001 certification, MSH INTERNATIONAL uses a continuous improvement approach at the core of its procedures in order to offer a high level of service and highly committed teams to support you daily.
Our four regional head offices in Calgary, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai are certified ISO 9001.

Contact our team of sales experts to find out more about our TPA solutions.

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