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An international career may have a significant impact on mobile employees’ retirement. SIACI SAINT HONORE offers several solutions to allow you to manage  and  anticipate this risk, and educate your employees to understand this benefit and prepare for the future.

Solutions designed to fit your employees’ needs

 Anticipate mobile employees’ retirement  Provide information to mobile employees and HR teams

Design of international pension plans:
  • Audit existing policies or packages for a target population
  • Identify the loss of earnings upon departure or return from a mobility
  • Provide assistance for location changes
  • Define the scheme regulation: benchmarking, recommendations on contribution rates, drafting
  • Call for tenders inviting providers specialized in international pension
  • Education and communication material for employees


Packaged international pension plan offer : Mobipension

  • Tailored solutions for small companies < 10 employees
  • Management of the solutions by SIACI SAINT HONORE: benchmark study on the scheme’s competitiveness, web conferences with employees participating to the scheme, administrative and financial reporting for employers, etc.


Training on expatriate employees’ pensions:

  • Legal and complementary schemes
  • Certified training organization
  • Sessions provided in the company’s or other companies’ offices


Individual pensions assessments:
  • Calculation of contributions made to pension plans
  • Calculation of pension entitlement
  • Assessment of pension rights as a support in the negotiation of mobility package
  • Providing employees with a comprehensive information guide detailing their eligibility for benefits, applicable legislation, etc.


International pension plan: benefits suited to multiple situations  

  • A unique solution for all types of mobility
  • Continued enrollment in a pension fund in case of  frequent mobility
  • Modular contributions: table of contributions according to the type of situation to handle
  • A diversified financial offer
  • Flexibility for the staff covered
  • Choice to use the plan from a pensions perspective or as a long-term incentive

Our added value 

  • Mobile employee pensions: an area of expertise of the SIACI SAINT HONORE group for more than 10 years.
  • A strong experience in designing and managing international pension plans: €76 million of ongoing liabilities, over 1,600 employees covered under the Mobipension scheme, plans designed for companies working in the luxury, distribution and industry fields, etc.
  • A team of experts able to handle all mobility-related issues: compensation & benefits, pooling, actuaries, etc.

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